Summer Fellowships

CPIC summer fellowships offer opportunities for partner organizations to hire Harvard College students for short-term (8-12 week projects) during the summer.  Our summer fellowship candidate pool is typically deepest in the early spring, so we try to encourage organizations to submit listings prior to January 1st if possible.  Click here to submit a summer fellowship listing.

What is the timeline?

The deadline for students to apply for summer fellowships is February 5, 2016.  Most students begin looking for fellowships over their winter vacation, so we encourage organizations to reach out to us in the fall and post opportunities by January 1st.  For organizations that post with us in the late spring, it typically takes us 4-6 weeks to recruit candidates from the time an organization submits a listing with us.

How much funding do students need to pursue a summer fellowship?

To hire summer fellows, it typically costs between $3,000 and $5,000 to offset student living costs for the summer.  If your organization is unable to provide a stipend in this range, we still encourage you to complete a Summer Fellowship posting as students can apply for grants or work-study funding through our office to offset their living costs, though both processes are very competitive.  Organizations that provide funding are much more likely to be matched with a summer fellow.