Post-Graduate Fellowships

Post-graduate fellowships are entry-level positions for recent Harvard graduates. Fellowships are full-time and last for one to two years.  Partner organizations can submit postings to us at any point in time during the year, but our candidate pool is typically deepest in the early spring, so we try to encourage organizations to submit listings prior to January 1st if possible.  Click here to submit a post-graduate fellowship listing.

What are the benefits of partnering with CPIC?

CPIC provides ongoing support to partner organizations, from the pre-screening process to the end of the fellowship term.  CPIC provides post-graduate fellows with access to mentoring and ongoing professional development opportunities.  CPIC's goal is to establish pathways for Harvard College seniors and recent graduates to serve, so we reach out to participants throughout the year to ensure that participants are meeting partner organization expectations.

What is the timeline?

Graduating seniors and recent alumns typically begin searching for opportunities in the early winter. We encourage host organizations to post positions as early in January as possible to attract the best applicant pool, although we will continue to post positions throughout the winter. We ask host organizations to confirm hires in March and April.

What is the cost?

For organizations hiring post-graduate fellows for entry-level jobs, our minimum salary is $30,000 per year plus health insurance.  If your organization offers housing, educational benefits, or subsidizes living costs, the minimum salary can be negotiated.  Please note that organizations that offer competitive salaries typically attract the best possible candidates from our program.  If your organization is affiliated with AmeriCorps or cannot meet the minimum post-graduate salary requirements, please contact us as there may be ways we can still partner with your program.

What if I don't find the right match through CPIC?

If you do not find a suitable candidate through our program, there is no obligation to participate.  Our program exists to create opportunities for Harvard College students by making the process easy for community partners and students to participate.  If we can’t find the right candidate for you, we will reach out to our network of college affiliates to see if they might have a match.